Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do your scooters have a warranty?

A: At Metro Scooters we have selected only high quality scooters for sale.  While others in our industry offer no or very limited warranties.  Metro Scooters stands behind the quality of the scooters we sell.  All our scooters have a 1 year manufacturer warranty on parts, which we back with our dealer warranty which covers all labor for repair work under the manufacturer's warranty.  We want you to buy with confidence knowing that you have support and service if your scooter is not performing properly.  If you didn't buy from us, (and don't have our warranty), we gladly offer service at competitive rates to get your scooter up and running.  

Q: I have never ridden a scooter before - is it hard?

A: Riding a scooter can be a safe and enjoyable experience for just about anyone.  If you can balance a bike, you will likely have no trouble riding a scooter.  Our scooters are very simple to operate with “twist-and-go” transmissions that do not require shifting or operating a clutch. Brakes, turn signals, horns, and headlight controls are ergonomically located on the handlebars.  The lighter weight and responsive handling of our scooters make them much easier to learn and control than a full size motorcycle.

If you are new to riding a scooter, we also recommend taking a motorcycle safety course.  These courses are not required to operate your scooter in Virginia, but do offer a great way to learn how to ride a two-wheeled vehicle.

Finally, we advise new riders to start in in low traffic areas or empty parking lots as you are learning how to handle and control you scooter. All riders should always wear a helmet and protective clothing.

Q: What are the requirements to drive a scooter?

A: In Virginia, scooters under 50cc and that are operated at a maximum speed of 35 mph are classified as mopeds.  To operate a moped in Virginia:

  • You must be at least 16 years of age;
  • Carry a government issued photo ID (it does not need to be a drivers license or motorcycle license);
  • Wear an approved motorcycle helmet with a face shield, safety glasses or goggles unless the scooter has a windshield; and 
  • The scooter must be titled and registered with the DMV (a very minimal cost of approximately $35).

 In addition, Virginia:

  • Does not require a driver’s license or motorcycle license to operate a moped/scooter;
  • Does not require mopeds/scooters to undergo safety inspections (however we do recommend performing periodic safety checks of your scooter); and
  • Does not require insurance (although insurance is available for minimal costs with many of our customers with good driving records having insurance costing less than $1 00/year for basic coverage).

Additional information can be found at the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles

Q: How many miles per gallon should I expect?

A: Scooters are very economical and have very high fuel efficiency. Depending on rider weight and riding style, most 50cc scooters will get 80-100 mpg!

Q: What is the max speed I should anticipate?

A: A typical 50cc scooter goes around 35 mph (dependent on rider weight), which makes them great for running around town or zipping through the city.

Q: Do you take trade-ins or sell used scooters?

A: We typically find that our customers can get a better price for their second-hand scooters by selling them privately. If you are a current scooter owner who is interested in purchasing one of our new scooters, we will gladly keep a picture, printout of information, as well as your email and phone number at our store to connect you with other scooter enthusiasts that come to our store looking to buy a used scooter.

Metro Scooters does not sell used or second-hand scooters. However, if you are in the market for a used scooter we invite you to stop by our store and peruse the listings of used scooters that our customers are looking to sell.

We don’t get involved in private party purchases/sales of used scooters, but we do help our fellow scooter enthusiasts looking to buy or sell used scooters connect with one another.

Q: Do you negotiate on price?

A: At Metro Scooters, we believe in fair, consistent, and up-front pricing.  That is why we offer no-haggle pricing to all of our customers.  Stop by our showroom and experience our no-pressure, no-hassle sales approach.

Q: Do you have performance parts and custom accessories?

A: Metro Scooters carries stock replacement parts as well as performance parts and custom accessories for your scooter. We are always happy to work with our customers to personalize their scooters to meet their performance expectations and fit their own unique style.  If we don’t have a part in stock, we can work through our network of distributors to get you what you are searching for – often at quicker delivery times and/or lower pricing than you can get online.

If you need help installing a part or accessory, we are glad to assist and offer service at competitive rates.

Q: What type of service schedule should I follow?

A: At Metro Scooters, we believe that a good service schedule will keep your scooter running reliably for years. Our recommended maintenance schedule provides average service intervals suggested by most manufacturers.  For information specific to your scooter, consult the owner’s manual that came with your vehicle.

We also recommend using 90+ octane gasoline along with a small amount of fuel stabilizer with each fill-up.

Q: If I store my scooter over the winter, what should I do to winterize it?

A: If you don't ride over the winter months, we strongly recommend taking steps to winterize your scooter.  Winterizing a scooter helps keep it in top running condition.  We can perform this service for you, or you can follow our suggested winterizing tips.