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No more waiting for an Uber, or standing around in a bus stop.  With a scooter you have the ability to go where you want, when you want.  Have the ease of going to the coffee shop, the grocery store, or back and forth from your residence to class without dealing with bus schedules or long walks.

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Scooters have a lower cost of ownership than a typical automobile when considering initial purchase price, registration, title, tax, and insurance (VA car tax and insurance are not required on 50cc scooters).  In addition, scooters have a lower cost of maintenance and high fuel economy of 80-100 mpg.  Hands down, scooters are far less expensive to own and operate than a typical automobile.

Further, scooters are inexpensive to park at GMU with costs of approximately $80 annually for a scooter vs $435 annually for a automobile.

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With styles from retro to sporty, great colors, and fun easy to ride throttle-and-go transmissions; you can have fun zipping around campus and Fairfax City on your new scooter.