Cleaning Your Scooter

Our customers often ask what is the best way to clean their scooter.  

First, please stay away from the power washers - the hard force of the spray can get into the cracks and crevices between the body panels and lodge water in areas of your scooter (engine, brakes, electrics) where water is not supposed to be.  Further, the strong spray can act to crack and chip plastics as well as peel paint and stickers.

Using car wash soap and water, washing from the top down with a very light mist works well.  However, be sure not to get excessive spray down into switches located on your handlebars, into the air box, into brakes, or excessively wet engine components.  Too much water in these areas can cause malfunctioning in your scooter.

Fortunately, the show car industry has helped us out with some great products that don't require you to "wet" your scooter with the garden hose.  In fact, it is our preferred way to clean a scooter. 

Local auto parts stores sell products called "Quick Detailer" that was originally purposed to give cars at car shows a quick shine prior to judging.  They work great for that original intent, but they also work great at cleaning scooter plastic - and can be purchased for around $5-$15 per bottle.  

To use just spray a small area of your scooter with the quick detailer, wipe it off with a soft cloth, and then turn to a dry section of the cloth to buff out any remaining streaks or spots.  Then move to a new section of the scooter and repeat.

We do recommend trying the products in a small inconspicuous spot (to make sure it works well on your scooter's paint and plastic) but I think you will find these products to work great to shine up your scooter.

Happy and Safe Riding!

Metro Scooters, LLC