Maintaining Your Moped or Scooter

Metro Scooters provides repair, maintenance and service for all Chinese and Taiwanese scooters.  Following a routine maintenance and service schedule will help keep your scooter in optimal running condition.

Your scooter/moped does a lot of work with a small 50cc engine.  Keeping your engine oil clean and new, changing your gear oil, replacing/cleaning air filters, etc. are some of the most important things you can do to keep your scooter running well.

Checking the user manual is a great place to start for your scooter's recommended service intervals.  However, if you don't have your service manual, or purchased used and it was not provided, we have located a easy to follow service chart for your review.  This service chart accommodates most Chinese 50cc CY6 / 139QMB engines common in a lot of the scooters on the road today.

If you are unsure on how to maintain your scooter or moped, we gladly provide this service.  We also have replacement parts for the do-it-yourself enthusiast.

Happy and Safe Riding!

Metro Scooters, LLC