Does Headlight Restore Work on Scooters?

We all have seen it, and perhaps even experienced it.  After a few years of parking your scooter outside in the sunlight, the speedometer lens, headlights and other clear plastic parts on your scooter can become cloudy and yellow.

While we know it is not made for this purpose, we wondered if an automotive headlight restoration kit would work to clear up a hazy, yellow speedometer lens.  We had read that these products work great on the clear automotive headlights and wanted to know if we could replicate those results on clear scooter plastic (understanding that the plastic compound may be different than the auto headlights for which the product was designed).  We purchased a headlight restoration kit from a local auto parts store and decided to put it to the test.

We had a speedometer lens that had some cloudiness and yellowing.  Following the directions for the product, we used 3 levels of sanding pads (with the supplied lubricating fluids), and then polished using a terry cloth and supplied polish compound.  We then sealed the lens with supplied sealer.

Unfortunately, we did not notice a significant amount of improvement.  Not wanting to give up just yet, we decided to take a small rotary tool with a polishing attachment and try using it with the supplied polishing compound.  After several minutes of polishing we rinsed the polish off, dried the speedometer lens and then used the supplied sealant.  Again, results were pretty limited, and we did not notice a significant amount of improvement.

We read online that toothpaste could also work as a polishing compound for headlights.  We decided to give this a try.  We used hard circular motions with a paper towel to polish about a teaspoon of toothpaste on the lens.  We then rinsed and dried the lens to see if there had been any improvement.  Unfortunately, we again were not able to recognize any significant improvement.

While it was a worthwhile experiment, we felt that the cost of the headlight restoration kit did not do enough to clear up the haze and yellowing on our clear plastic scooter speedometer lens.  With the cost of a new lens being around $20 for the model scooter we were using (about the same as the headlight restoration kit), we felt that the best improvement would be had in just buying a new part and replacing it.  Although - best to limit the environmental wear in the first place, by keeping your scooter in a garage or under a scooter cover.

If anyone out there has a recommendation, or suggestions for removing haze and yellowing from clear scooter plastic, please share it in the comments of this blog for the rest of the scooter/moped riding community.  

We welcome all thoughts and suggestions!  

Thanks and happy riding.

Metro Scooters, LLC