Metro Scooters - Fall Riding Tips:

Fall Riding Tips:

As the weather starts to turn from the hot summer days to the cool air of fall it is a great time to get out and ride.  In fact, at Metro Scooters, it is our favorite time to hop on two wheels and enjoy!  The cooler air thru your riding jacket as you cruise down the road; the picturesque landscape of brightly colored trees; and that crisp air that seems to make your machine run like a well breed race horse (we know, some of it is psychological, but sometimes when the air is just right it feels like your carburetor has recently been tuned by a Jedi Knight).  While not an all-inclusive list, here are some quick tips to keep you safe on those awesome autumn adventures.

Leaves on the Road:

While it is exhilarating to ride down a windy road in autumn with a bunch of colorful trees around you, watch out for those leaves that have left the trees and now line the shoulders of the roads.  While roads can be dry, leaves can stay wet for much longer.  Those wet leaves can be more slippery than a well-greased watermelon.  Look for clear areas of pavement and avoid leaves on the road all together if you can.  If you can’t avoid them, slow your speed before reaching them and avoid aggressive cornering or braking as you travel over them.

Low Sun Angles:

Just after dawn and just before sunset, sun angles become very low.  While your headlight should always be on and working, a low sun angle can affect the visibility of everyone on the road. 

If you are riding into a low sun and your visibility is affected, keep extra distance between you and the vehicle in front.  In addition, watch those mirrors for the vehicles following you; if your visibility is affected theirs is too – making you harder for those behind you to see.  If you feel someone is too close for your comfort, find a safe spot to pull over and let them pass.    

If the low sun is at your back, know that you will be harder for those in the intersections in front of you to see you as you approach.  Slow down as you near those intersections to avoid other motorists pulling out unexpectedly in front of you.


Nope, I’m not talking about those folks that drive 80 MPH while texting on their cell –(but keep an eye on them too!).  As the weather gets cooler, animals (deer, etc) start roaming for food.  As you ride down less populated areas, keep an eye out for animals on the sides of the road.  When spooked, animals will run in seemingly any direction; and often into roadways.  If you see animals to the side of the road, slow down and allow extra time in case they make an erratic move toward the road.

As fall approaches, get out and enjoy those clear, crisp days with some safe and enjoyable rides.  As always, wishing you fun, happy and safe riding.

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