Why Own a Scooter?

 At Metro Scooters we believe that scooter ownership is not only an economical and environmentally friendly way to commute, but is also a fun way to express your own individuality.  Scooters offer:

Scooter in City3.jpg

 An Economical Way to Commute Around the D.C. Metro Area

Scooters have a lower cost of ownership than a typical automobile when considering initial purchase price, registration, title, tax, and insurance (not required).  In addition, scooters have a lower cost of maintenance and higher fuel economy.  Hands down, scooters are far less expensive to own and operate than a typical automobile.

 Freedom to Drive When and Where you Want

 Most car sharing services require you to reserve time in advance of needing the vehicle, and public transportation leaves you beholden to a bus or train schedule. Owning a scooter allows you the freedom to drive to the store, zip around town, stop by the local coffee shop, or meet up with friends without having to make a reservation in advance or to wait for public transportation.  In Virginia, scooters meeting certain specifications do not require a driver or motorcycle license.

A Reduced Environmental Impact

With scooters getting an average of 80-100 miles per gallon, the scooter lifestyle can help you make a smaller environmental footprint.

No Gears or Clutch

In stop and go driving, it is hard to beat the “twist-and-go” ability of a scooter.  No clutch or shifting required – just hit the gas and go!

Step Through Design

The ergonomic seating position of a scooter is not only more comfortable than being hunched over a typical motorcycle, but it also helps keep you dry and dirt free from road splash-ups that can occur on your daily commute or ride around town.

Ease of Parking

Scooters take up less space than cars and can be more easily parked in popular areas when heading out on the town or at your apartment complex when retiring for the evening. The park-almost-anywhere ability of scooters is very attractive in today's urban environment.

Scooters can also be parked for free in the motorcycle parking areas at Metro Stations.  Compared to the weekday cost and hassle of parking your car at Metro Stations, scooters can make an enjoyable improvement to your daily commutes to the Metro.

 Increased Maneuverability in Traffic

A scooter’s lightweight size and nimble handling far exceeds a typical automobile, and can make for an easier commute in even the most congested urban environments.


Let’s face it, zipping around town on a scooter offers far more exhilaration, excitement, and freedom than getting there by car, bus, or train.

Stop by Metro Scooters today to see how much fun, excitement, and freedom the scooter lifestyle can offer to you.