Wolf EX-150

The EX-150 is part of the Wolf Brand line of scooters, made by the Znen factory which is known for producing top quality scooters. This scooter is one of the largest 150cc scooters out there, with a 149.5cc air-cooled four stroke engine. Aggressive styling and a large frame make this scooter perfect for riders who want a bit more performance and power than a 50cc model can provide.  The EX-150 has many upgraded features and a large wheelbase and stance. Large 13" tires mounted on high quality aluminum alloy rims and a heavy duty dual rear suspension give a smooth ride.  The EX-150 also features a halogen headlight, push button start system with kick start backup, an easy to use CVT transmission, front disk brakes, high quality carburetor, and a reliable 149.5cc air cooled four-stroke engine. 

The EX-150 can reach speeds of 50-55 MPH, which makes it perfect for longer rides and higher speed roadways. It is a great commuting option around the DC Metro Area. Unlike a typical motorcycle, the EX-150 has a "twist and go" transmission, so there is no hassling with a clutch and gears in high traffic areas. Its bench-like seating position also provides better protection from road dirt and engine grime than you would find on a typical motorcycle.

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